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Practical healthcare scrubs to see you through the day

It is important in the UK healthcare profession, that your scrubs workwear is both durable and effective.
Our 100% cotton medical scrubs tops and trousers are designed to stand up to the rigours of long days in a clinic or on the ward, while also helping you to maintain a professional appearance.

Whatever colour, size, brand and style you need, we are the right place to shop for exactly what you’re looking for!Every workplace has differing requirements for scrubs workwear these days and our scrubs not only perform well, but they look smart too. We know you want to look presentable at all times when dealing with patients, clients or members of the public, so we've designed our healthcare scrubs to stand up to the demands of even the toughest environments.

Our user-friendly online shop and huge product selection allows you to shop for all the scrub clothing you’re looking for within the comforts of your own home. The medical scrubs we carry are all made with you, the professional, in mind.

Medical scrubs were originally just for operating theatre staff.However, their practicality, durability and comfort means they have been adopted in many other hospital departments too. You may find yourself wearing them these days if you work in accident and emergency, as a day care nurse, midwife or pediatric nurse. Support staff such as radiologists and procurement teams wear scrub uniforms too in some hospitals. Even dentists and veterinary practices have adopted scrubs, as they are cheap compared to formal uniforms. Plus, their colourful designs put young and nervous patients at ease when they come in for their first appointments.

A common question people are asking online is, ‘where can I buy cotton medical scrubs? Many scrub sets contain at least some polyester, which can make them quite unpleasant to wear on hot days or for long hours under bright theatre lights. Seeing as many hospitals have effective heating for the comfort of their patients, it makes sense for you to be comfortable too. All our scrub sets are 100% cotton. The tops and scrub caps feature our own unique and exclusive designs.

The scrub trousers are available in seven different plain colours to allow team identification by colour. They also coordinate with all the tops. Similarly, our clogs come in a selection of colours, designs and sizes to suit all needs and dress code variations. Scrub uniforms are designed to be worn once then washed, dried and worn again. Many will be provided by your employer rather than being your own property. This allows scrubs to be washed on site, reducing the risk of infection or contamination from being taken off site.

Our cotton scrubs are an easy way to bring colour to your working life. The distinctive patterns are funky and fresh for children and adults alike, allowing staff to show their individuality or team identity as needed.

Medical scrubs are cheaper than uniform tunics and trousers to replace if damaged and far less stuffy or frightening for an anxious patient. Teams can easily coordinate themed scrubs at Halloween and Christmas or show their love of their favourite cartoon character. Our scrubs are unisex and available in a wide variety of designs and sizes to suit everyone.Bring some colour to your workplace today; ask for the next order for replacement medical scrubs to be for our 100% cotton scrub uniforms.

Don’t forget to check out our medical footwear as our medical Clogs are very affordable and they come in different colours and styles. Your patients will thank you and your ward or department will instantly become more colourful.

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