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Animal Scrubs To Die For

Release your inner animal and wear some animal print scrubs at work.

Our range of patterned scrubs tops allows everyone to indulge their love of jungle, farmyard and cartoon animals.

Hospital, dental and veterinary workers are all turning to scrubs as an easy care, durable, comfortable uniform. Scrubs can withstand repeated wearing and washing without fading. 

They are cheap to replace and bring a colourful vibe to the surgery or clinic. Plus, men’s print scrub tops allow the wearer to express themselves. You would naturally expect a vet to wear a scrub top decorated with pawprints, or an x-ray technician to wear one with bones, skulls or skeletons.

Maybe a surgeon would choose an action comic print, or the Pink Panther.

Men’s print scrub uniforms are ideal for places where staff never quite know what’s going to happen next.

They are popular with A&E teams, maternity and paediatric nurses and support staff as well as being the uniform of choice for operating theatre staff. Asking staff to don scrubs when they arrive at work helps with infection control, as it minimises the risk of damage to their own clothes.

Animal print scrubs in an intensive care unit help bring a touch of humanity to an area often dominated by beeping machinery. For porters and materials handling teams, these colourful print scrubs uniforms are comfortable for the manual handling their jobs entail, although safety shoes might be mandated instead of the commonly worn clogs.

These days the dress codes in many clinical environments are being relaxed in favour of scrubs.

Even the London Marathon has been asked to review its criteria for what constitutes running in fancy dress as a nurse or doctor due to the prevalence of scrubs. Long sleeve shirts and ties are fine for those doctors who still maintain consulting rooms, but when they step into the clinical areas of the hospital they will be expected to wear clinically correct clothing.

That means short sleeves, open neck, drawstring or elastic trousers and shoes which can be easily cleaned. In some environments, the wearing of anything metal is banned on safety grounds, and this is where scrubs come into their own.

In an operating theatre, plain scrubs are often used to denote the differing responsibilities the team members have. The lead member of each team often has a different colour scrub hat for easy identification. A colourful animal print scrub top would perform the same function and allow the wearer to express their individuality as well.

No More Plain Medical Scrubs for Your Clinical Work!

Being a doctor,or a nurse, can be a rewarding career with patients you’ll love, but you also must take safety and hygiene into consideration.

Scrubs with patterns are quite often worn at veterinary clinics. In the past, you may have been hesitant to wear them, until you realized how comfortable and easy they are to put on.

But if you’re tired of the usual plain-coloured scrubs, we have a surprise for you!

Our website offers pattern nurses scrubs tops, patterned scrub hats, and patterned scrub caps in various patterns, so you’ll never be bored of your scrubs clothing again!

Differences in Scrub Hats or Scrub Caps?

There’s really no difference in a vet scrub hat or a vet scrub cap. It depends on what your vet clinic location calls them.

The vet caps on our site are available in a wide range of patterned scrubs for vets options. A cap fits on your head, covering your hair. There are two ties on other side which you tie at the back of your head.

This firmly secures your patterned scrub hat.

The patterned scrub caps are available in a wide range of different patterns. They aren’t like your usual boring caps that you hesitate to wear but must in your medical setting.

There are many fun patterned animal prints here, including unicorns, swans, parrots, dolphins, and bees.

If you enjoy branded merchandise, there is a selection of Disney’s Lion King vet caps, or Winnie the Poo vet hats, or rabbits, paw prints, and more!

How Do I Care for Patterned Scrub Hats?

The fabric dyes used in patterned scrub hats are fade-resistant so their care is minimal.

We recommend that you machine wash them to remove all germs, rather than simply rinsing under a tap. Simply toss them in a warm water wash with a small amount of detergent and your usual coloured vet clinic scrubs.

If you also wear black vets clothing, separate them by light and dark colours. When the wash cycle is done, remove your vet hats and caps and let air dry. This will help to extend the life.

You can still place them in the dryer with your healthcare scrubs if you wish, or for additional heating to remove any remaining germs.

Where Do I Buy More Vet Hats or Caps?

We have a wide range of patterned clinic hats and vet caps here on our online shop called Chameleon Scrubs.

We’re constantly getting more products in, so stay tuned for more options. Right now we have one page of hats and caps to match up with our other scrub clothing, so you’re certain to find something you love!

Are you ready for something a little bit different to match with your vet scrubs?

Please browse our Chameleon Scrubs website to find more options for you and your vet clinic staff. Your clinic will stand out from others with its colourful fun-themed vet uniforms!

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Chameleon Scrubs would like to thank all NHS and Healthcare workers for their hard work, and dedication shown during this unprecedented time. We can’t start to understand the pressure you are all under. As a token of our thanks we are offering 10% discount on all items across our site.

Please use discount code NHS10 when you checkout.

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