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Bored With Plain Nurses Clothes?

Nurses Scrub Clothes

Bored with Plain Nurses Clothes? Now You Can Buy Unique Chameleon Nurses Clothes!

In the past nurses had to conform to a strict white uniform that wasn’t necessarily comfortable, and was also hard to keep clean.

A little over a decade ago scrubs became a more common choice for male and female nurses, and other healthcare workers. Not only are nurses scrubs  comfortable to wear, they’re quick to change, and they’re also simple to clean.

Work clothes for nurses should be comfortable and fit well.

Can Nurse Work Clothes Be Fun?

A nurse’s job became much harder to do over the past year. While everyone appreciates the hard work of a healthcare worker, you may not feel your best by the end of the day.

Not only do nurses have to care for their patients but they also have to avoid getting sick too. But a nurse will always put their patients first, which can be a bit draining. It’s hard to smile when you’re patients aren’t.

A fun and simple way to add a bit of fun to your day is by wearing our fun line of nurse work clothes from Chameleon Scrubs UK.

When your patients see you wearing your fun patterned scrubs they’ll smile, and it will make you smile knowing that you’ve made them feel a little bit better.

Patterned nurses scrubs will also make your coworkers smile. It’s important to hold each other up and support each other during these stressful pandemic times.

Cheap scrubs is a simple way to make everyone feel better, and for a minimum of effort, as you must wear a nurse’s uniform to work anyway.

Where Can I Buy Nurses Clothes Uniforms?

In the past you may have had to shop several different locations to put together your nurses clothes.

It’s not recommended you go directly into shops, so that leaves the online shopping option. You may have to shop one spot to get your lab coats, another to buy NHS scrubs, and another to get caps and hats. But now, there’s no need to do that anymore.

Our website has everything you need for your day at the clinic or at the hospital.

You can find tops and trousers on our website, lab coats and gowns, face masks, hygiene items, footwear, and even hats and caps. Now you can shop in one spot rather than wasting time hunting all over the net for what you need.

What Types of Nurse Work Clothes Scrubs Can I Get?

If you prefer plain coloured scrubs, we have tops and trousers, but you should consider buying some of the fun patterned nurses clothes on our site.

Once you start wearing these fun work clothes for nurses, you’ll never want to wear plain boring clothes ever again. You can choose your tops and bottoms separately.

A patterned top with plain bottoms would work perfectly for your day.

Who Can Wear These Scrubs?

Both male and female nurses can wear scrubs, and also doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and other healthcare staff.

Check the uniform rules for your specific workplace location, but most prefer you wear scrubs for health work. The scrubs on our site are sold by sizing, not by sex.

Our fun patterns are for everyone, and not restricted to just men or women.

Patterned scrubs are also a great way to distract stressed out patients such as toddlers, young children, or even worried parents, while you’re providing medical treatments to them.

It’s also a great conversation starter, to help take their minds off their medical worries.

Why Should I Choose 100% Cotton Scrubs?

When you work a nursing job it can be hard work during the day. A large amount of manual labour can be involved with helping patients to stay clean, giving medicine, and even helping them in and out of bed.

The last thing you want is a tight nursing uniform that is itchy and scratchy. Comfortable scrubs clothes for nurses is the best option so you can more easily do your job without having to think about how your clothing may be restricting your movement.

How Easy Are Clothes Nurses Wear to Clean?

All of the nurses clothes on our site are made from 100% cotton. They’re easy to machine wash and dry.

If you get some stains on them during the day, don’t worry, as they will be hard to see against the patterned background of most of our scrub tops. Long gone are the days when nurses had to wear bright white dresses, and had difficulties in not only keeping them clean, but trying to wash stains out of them after work.

How Does the Sizing Work?

We have sizes for our nurse’s scrubs that vary between small and up to three times large.

Not all patterns are available in all sizes. We do have a handy sizing chart on our site so you can grab a measuring tape to measure your body first, then match it up.

Most of our sizes are the same as other scrubs sizes, but to avoid wasting time, check first.

All of our items are returnable, should they be the wrong size. We have a great return policy, so you’ll want to visit our page to find out these details before ordering.

Because we’re a national nurse scrubs company, we can offer our great return or exchange policy, unlike if you were ordering something from overseas.

We also recommend that you only order from a legitimate nurses scrubs UK company, as there are plenty of fake scammer sites out there today.

You can see on our site that we have our full address and contact details listed, as well as our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and ICO Certification Certificate listed.

If you’re been seeking scrubs clothes for nurses, please visit our Chameleon Scrubs UK website today.

The clothes nurses wear should always fit well, feel comfortable, and be easy to clean. And best of all, your young patients and adult patients will appreciate how you’ve put a smile on their faces today.

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Chameleon Scrubs would like to thank all NHS and Healthcare workers for their hard work, and dedication shown during this unprecedented time. We can’t start to understand the pressure you are all under. As a token of our thanks we are offering 10% discount on all items across our site.

Please use discount code NHS10 when you checkout.

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