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Find Out Why Dentists Love Our Scrubs

Many people probably associate scrub sets with the operating theatre, maybe in shades of plain green or blue. They’re often known simply in hospital parlance as ‘greens’ or ‘blues’, after all.

But these days many other healthcare professionals are turning to patterned scrubs tops as their uniform because they’re cheap, easy care, tough and comfortable to wear for long shifts.

Dentists are one of the professions ditching their traditional workwear tunics and trousers for scrubs in the surgery. A cheerfully printed set of dentist scrubs offers a colourful contrast to the typical muted colours of any clinical environment, and can bring a smile to many patients’ faces as they wait for their checkup or procedure.

Buy dental scrubs from us, and wear one of our exclusive designs ranging from Disney (Mickey, Winnie-the-Pooh, The Nightmare Before Christmas) to farmyard or jungle animals, cartoon characters and abstract prints.

With a large selection of colours and patterns, there is bound to be something to suit all tastes. Dental staff will certainly bring a touch of individuality to the surgery in our print scrub tops. Plus, there is the possibility of matching stickers or balloons for the children to the prints on the dentist’s scrubs.

Some children find the dentist a frightening place associated with negative, painful experiences and memories. But if their dentist was wearing a scrub top with comic book characters all over it, they might think differently about visiting regularly.

A slightly more relaxed dress code is a small price to pay for happy patients. Dental hygienists often deal with children, performing descaling treatment, teaching them how best to care for their teeth, applying fluoride and showing them good brushing techniques.

Being able to work in a comfortable, colourful set of dentist scrubs immediately relaxes the atmosphere and makes the whole experience less threatening.

For dentists and dental hygienists who work in the community or in association with hospitals, dental print scrub tops are a cheap and colourful way to identify themselves to those patients who may be under the care of several different specialist teams.

Some patients may find it easier to remember that their dentist is the one in the red Mickey Mouse top, for instance.

Liven Up Your Dental Clinic with Cheerful Scrubs

No one enjoys visiting the dental clinic, especially during a pandemic, but there are ways that dentists can provide a more positive experience for their patients.

Cheerful dental uniforms and dental nurse scrubs are a great way to make your patient smile.

How Are These Dental Uniforms Different?

In the past, dental uniforms were often boring white lab coats over business attire. Not only were these hard to keep clean, they added extra anxiety to a patient’s dental office visit.

Today, scrubs are an acceptable form of attire for any type of medical or dental clinic. But instead of being plain boring colours, here you’ll find bright and colourful dental uniforms in a wide range of designs.

Just some hints on what you’ll find here are cartoon bunnies, peacocks, tropical prints, and even branded dental nurse uniforms such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Disney.

How Can I Cheer Up My Patients?

Often the first person a patient sees at a clinic is the dental receptionist, then the dental nurse. A cheerful dental nursing uniform will put the patient at ease, making them feel comfortable.

Easing someone’s stress is important, as no one likes to be poked and prodded inside a sometimes painful mouth. Cheerful scrubs also sets a positive tone for the dental office so that the staff are reminded to keep smiles on their faces.

You may not be able to alleviate all of the discomfort of a dental visit, but you can certainly ease the worry and discomfort by presenting a positive and happy environment.

Who Can Buy Scrubs?

The scrubs on the site can be purchased by anyone in the medical profession but are a great option for those who work in a dental clinic and need a god dental nursing uniform.

They’re designed to fit both men and women, and depending on product, sizing can vary from small and up to 3X Large.

They’re standard sizing, so if you already know you take a size Medium, you can order the same size on our Chameleon Scrubs site and expect the same fit.

How Many Scrubs Do I Need?

Your dental business may have specific health department requirements on how often to change your scrubs.

It’s best to have a spare set or two at work, so you can quickly change out of them if they become stained, or for hygienic reasons. You should never wear your scrubs on the way to work, especially during the pandemic.

When you put on your scrubs at work, you want to be putting on a clean set. At the end of the day, simply remove them and put your regular clothing back on. Worn scrubs should be immediately washed, dried, and ready for the next day.

Fun dental nursing uniforms and cheerful dental uniforms are certain to provide a happy and fun environment for your dental clinic, particularly if you have anxious young children as patients, or people who’ve suffered from poor dental work in the past.

Fun scrubs from Chameleon Scrubs are sure to set the tone for a good day!

Our scrubs are 100% cotton, unlike many others which have some polyester content in the mix. This makes them cool to wear, easy to wash and quick to dry. Buy dental scrubs from us and choose from 50 different designs in the tops. We also stock a range of plain scrub trousers to match any top, scrub hats in some of the same prints as the tops and a range of clogs if these are preferred wear.

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Chameleon Scrubs would like to thank all NHS and Healthcare workers for their hard work, and dedication shown during this unprecedented time. We can’t start to understand the pressure you are all under. As a token of our thanks we are offering 10% discount on all items across our site.

Please use discount code NHS10 when you checkout.

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