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Have you been working in the medical profession for over two years now? If so, you were a major part of managing the Covid-19 health crisis.

You put in hard work caring for others through your medical expertise, kindness, and caring personality. You risked your own health to look after others, and risked your own mental health too.

While hospitals and medical clinics will continue to be busy, it may be time for some brand new, colourful, medical scrub sets for women and men!

Why Should I Buy New Scrubs?

If you have a moment, grab your current scrubs clothing and inspect them. What kind of shape is the clothing in?

Are there stains you could never get out? Are there small holes in the fabric? Perhaps the scrubs clothes just don’t fit you properly or are uncomfortable.

And maybe you are tired of boring green or blue colours. If you’re embarrassed to wear your current medical scrubs then it may be time to buy some new sets.

Now is the time to shop for new sets of scrub sets for women, or scrub sets for men.

But I Don’t Have Time to Shop for Scrubs

If you work in the healthcare industry then likely you don’t have a lot of spare time. Overtime is increasingly common due to a shortage of workers from illness, or because many people just don’t want to get into such a risky career.

That means you want to spend every minute away from work with your loved ones, friends, and pet family. That means you probably don’t have time to drive all over town to find which department stores sell scrubs. If they do, they are probably your usual bland scrubs that are boring and not very comfortable. The best solution to this dilemma is to shop online for scrub sets.

What Can I Do with Old Scrubs?

Now that your ready to shop for scrubs for women or men, you may be wondering what to do with that drawer full of scrubs.

You most likely don’t want to drop it into the rubbish where it’ll end up in a landfill. You could keep your old scrubs at work, just as a backup in case your scrubs get dirty.

Some charity thrift shops may accept the scrubs if they’re sparkling clean and in like-new condition. You can call around and find out who is accepting donations.

Another option is to ask a local nursing school if the students may need some free scrubs to help them get started with their training. And if you are planning on doing any messy work around your home, you could repurpose your scrubs to wear when you do mechanical work on your vehicle, or when you paint your rooms with fresh paint.

By now you probably have a fairly good idea of how to repurpose your scrub sets for women or men in many different ways.

What Kinds of Scrubs Should I Look for?

The first feature you should search for in scrubs clothing is that the tops and bottoms are comfortable. The fabric should be soft and made from 100% cotton.

This avoids any discomfort such as you might get from 100% polyester scrub sets or 50-50. The scrubs for women or men should also be fully machine washable and can be placed in the dryer, as you don’t have time to hand wash or hang your scrubs to dry.

You’ll also want to search for scrubs clothes that are bright and colourful, rather than drab grey, green, or blue. And scrubs are also available in bright colourful patterns.

These patterns can include geometric prints, plants, animals, or even everyone’s favourite cartoon characters, TV characters, or super heroes.

How Do I Know if I Can Wear These Fun Scrubs?

Are any of your coworkers also wearing fun scrubs? If so, the scrubs clothing codes may have been updated in your department.

While the surgical rooms are unlikely to allow patterned scrubs any time soon (too distracting for the surgeons), there are many other clinical locations where it can be of benefit.

Some examples include veterinary clinics where you can wear dog, cat, or animal prints that will cheer up distressed pet owners when they have to bring their dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. to the vet clinic for treatment.

If you work with small children, fun and bright scrubs will help to put a smile on the child’s face when they don’t understand why they are visiting that environment.

If you’re uncertain on the scrubs for men or women requirements, then ask the department head for scrubs clothing advice or read the healthcare worker manual.

Where is a Reliable Scrub Sets Shop?

The best place to shop online for fun, bold, colourful, and exciting 100% cotton scrubs is here on our Chameleon Scrubs UK shop. We are the most popular destination for online medical scrubs.

If you have a quick google browse, you’ll discover that we are really the only option that offers such a wide range of fun and bright medical scrubs for every medical and clinical setting.

And if you also need other medical clothing, such as hats, medical masks, gloves, and surgical gowns, we also have them in our shop too.

You can find everything you need in one spot so you can save on shipping by only have to pay for it once.

If you’re ready to shop for new scrubs clothing that is going to be much better than what you already wear, please browse our Chameleon Scrubs UK website today.

Our stock is always changing. Right now we have Halloween prints for sale, but soon you’ll be able to shop for Merry Christmas and winter holiday patterns too!

Soon your scrubs clothes will arrive in the mail. Now you’ll look forward to wearing your bright new scrubs to work, and also to cheer up your patients and coworkers!

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Chameleon Scrubs would like to thank all NHS and Healthcare workers for their hard work, and dedication shown during this unprecedented time. We can’t start to understand the pressure you are all under. As a token of our thanks we are offering 10% discount on all items across our site.

Please use discount code NHS10 when you checkout.

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