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Scrub Uniforms Can Be Fun

Scrub uniforms are increasingly the clothing of choice for all medical professionals, not just operating theatre staff.

Scrubs are easy care, can stand up to industrial laundry and are cheap to buy. Increasingly the plain colours are being overtaken by patterned tops and plain trousers, with a printed hat and clogs.

Cheap medical scrubs are a great way to liven up wards and clinics. Because they are less formal than traditional tunics and trousers or nurses' uniforms, they allow staff to show their individuality. Here in the UK, some hospitals have adopted them for all staff, others only allow them for operating theatre and non-medical support staff.

Our scrubs have exclusive designs. They aren’t available anywhere else. The range is unisex and designs can be mixed and matched with plain scrub trousers as needed. They are easy to change if they become soiled during a shift, and for that reason are often worn in A&E and children's wards as well as operating theatres.

Staff can choose from many different prints including jungle animals, birds, action comic superheroes, Disney, Peppa Pig, cats, pandas, dogs and paws. There are Halloween and Christmas ranges too as well as tongue-in-cheek themes like bones and coffins.

If the hospital uniform dress code permits it, scrubs are a cool way to be comfortable and functional all at the same time. If staff can persuade their procurement team to buy scrubs or medical uniforms from us, they’ll find themselves wearing colourful unusual designs to cheer everyone up - themselves, their colleagues and their patients.

Our wide range of coloured trousers means that there will always be a pair to match whichever scrub top they choose too.

Of course, it’s not just hospitals whose staff wear scrubs. Dentists and vets like these scrub uniforms too, and for the same reasons as hospital staff. They’re cheerful, tough, durable, easy care and comfortable.

Many medics and dentists who deal with children regularly say that their colourful dental scrubs relaxes and distracts their younger patients, as well as allowing them to show their more human side as well.

The best thing about these cheap medical scrubs is that the wearer can choose designs themed to their specialism if they wish. An orthopaedic surgeon or an x-ray technician might choose the bones or skulls print.

A vet should really try out a scrub top with paw prints or birds on it. A midwife might want to choose a pink or blue top to indicate the latest baby they helped deliver.

Staff can have a bit of fun with these scrub uniforms. Hospitals, dentists and vets can be intimidating places. A selection of cheap scrubs medical uniforms can bring a touch of brightness to the patient’s day.

How to Choose Scrubs for Me?

Right now, buying scrubs online may be your only option but you may wonder who the best online retailer is.

You don’t want plain scrubs, and you don’t want cheap scrubs from that department store, you want scrubs that are cheerful, comfortable, and of durable quality.

How to Buy Scrubs Online?

There are certainly a lot of scrubs options on our site when you’re looking to buy scrubs online.

We’ve separated tops from bottoms, so you can start with choosing scrubs tops. If you work with children, you can choose a branded type, such as Disney or Guardians of the Galaxy.

For vets, there are rabbits, birds, and dogs. If you’re searching for something fun, choose hot air balloons, plants, or holiday themes. If you want plain colour scrub tops, we have those too.

Once you’ve made your selections, you can then add on the trousers or pants to match your tops. In the trousers section they’re all basic plain colours so that you can easily mix and match your scrubs outfits.

Sizing can vary between Small to 3X Large. Not all scrubs come in all sizes so might have to narrow down your search to find what is suitable.

Sizing conforms to most other scrubs manufacturers, but you can find our Sizing Chart here for all Tops / Trousers and Footwear to ensure that the measurements match up to what you’re expecting from your selections.

Do I Need More Than 1 Set?

Yes, if you’re new to the medical or dental profession, then you should have at least three clean sets of scrubs online.

The good news is that when buying scrubs online you’ll find plenty of options so that you won’t get bored by the same pattern twice. Chances are that you’ll see plenty of scrubs to love, and will want to order enough for the entire week.

This also helps to lessen the time needed to do laundry, so you can take a break after work instead of worrying about washing that one scrubs set you own.

How to Choose a Trusted Site

When buying scrubs from an online shop you want to ensure that you actually receive the right scrubs you ordered, and in a timely manner. What is the best way to do that?

First, ensure they have a proper URL name, such as “Chameleon Scrubs”, and not something like “7jtJK4t9”. Full name, address and company registration number should be on every single web page, with full contact details on a Contact Us page, and a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions too.

With all of this information, you can be assured that you’re shopping from a legitimate online scrubs supplier. Soon your scrubs will arrive quickly and be exactly what you ordered!

Are you tired of your old boring scrubs? Whether you’re buying scrubs for yourself or for an entire clinic, you’ll find plenty of quality fashionable and fun men’s and women’s scrubs on our Chameleon Scrubs website.

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Chameleon Scrubs would like to thank all NHS and Healthcare workers for their hard work, and dedication shown during this unprecedented time. We can’t start to understand the pressure you are all under. As a token of our thanks we are offering 10% discount on all items across our site.

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