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Why Use Cotton Scrubs in Hyperbaric Chambers?

Cotton Hyperbaric Scrubs

If you work near a hyperbaric chamber, or assist patients in one, then you know that your work is essential and extremely helpful to them.

A hyperbaric chamber can help a patient to breathe easier, and help to heal serious wounds and injuries. It’s also important to look after yourself. For this reason, cotton scrubs, rather than polyester scrubs, are highly recommended when you do this work.

Just as your patient will be wearing special patient clothing in the machine, so will you as you operate the machine and help them in and out of it.

Patient Restrictions in a  Hyperbaric Chamber?

The patient must only have the basics in the hyperbaric chamber. They will be allowed a water bottle, but only a specific type is allowed. Medical staff will provide this.

A patient must leave their purse and bags in a locker, and clear out their pockets. Books and magazines are not allowed, nor are any electronic devices including phones. Glasses and contact lenses must be removed, as well as all watches and jewellery.

Matches, lighters, cigarettes, and any medications must be removed as well. By now you can understand that certain types of clothing will not be allowed either, and this includes any clothing with metal buttons or zippers.

While hospital gowns are a good option, 100% cotton is the best option for both patients and the medical staff.

What to Wear in a Hyperbaric Chamber Room?

If you work in a medical setting and will be working with hyperbaric healing then you may be curious about wearing 100% cotton scrubs. You won’t be the one in the chamber, so why wear hyperbaric scrubs?

Check the labels on the scrubs you currently wear, as they could be part polyester and part cotton. If you work near a hyperbaric chamber then you’ll want to ensure that your medical clothing is 100% cotton.

The main reason for this is because synthetic fibres, such as polyester, can cause static electricity, which can cause a safety hazard for both patient and medical staff. For this reason, it’s recommended that both patient and medical staff wear 100% cotton clothing.

Why Does a Hyperbaric Chamber Have Restrictions?

A hyperbaric chamber utilises oxygen therapy to assist the patient with breathing and healing.

Fire feeds on oxygen, making the chamber at risk of fire. This is why there are so many restrictions on what the patient can wear inside the chamber, as well as restrictions on what medical personnel can wear when they clean the chamber and the surrounding space and room.

These restrictions may be annoying, but we can make it simpler by offering 100% cotton scrubs on our website, so the risk from static is decreased.

Wear Fun Patterns to Make Patients Happy

It can be stressful for a patient to undergo hyperbaric chamber care. Not only is the patient restricted by the clothing they wear, but they can’t have any electronics, wear jewellery of any kind, or have loved ones in the room with them at the time.

What to wear in hyperbaric chamber is more than that. The patient cannot apply any deodorant, perfume, haircare products, or lotions after their morning shower.

They can not take any gum, candy, or food in. They will have to remove any braces or dentures. So, just how do you make the patient feel comfortable and relaxed? Medical cotton clothes are available in fun and colourful patterns.

The patient will smile when they see you wearing holiday prints, summer prints, or even their favourite Disney or Marvel characters. Hyperbaric clothing doesn’t need to be plain to make the patient feel comfortable and happy.

What Are the Care Instructions for 100% Cotton Scrubs?

Hyperbaric scrubs are as easy to clean as other clothing. You’ll want to wash your clinic or hospital scrubs separately from your household items.

Keep your scrubs in their own separate plastic bin until ready to wash. Wash your scrubs in warm water. Don’t worry, as the mechanical action and an unscented laundry detergent will remove all bacteria and micro-organisms, so hot water is not required.

Your scrubs will last longer in warm water. As soon as the wash cycle is done, take your scrubs and toss them in the dryer. This will destroy any remaining bacteria that you may be worried about.

Remove your scrubs from the dryer, fold, and put away for next week.

Where Can I Buy Cotton Scrubs for Hyperbaric Chamber Work?

You can find hyperbaric scrubs here on our Chameleon Scrubs website. All our medical scrubs are 100% cotton, but you can also read the description to be assured you’re buying what you need.

We have hundreds of options for medical people to buy cotton scrubs. We have hundreds of different patterns, some subtle, some bright and colourful. These include caps, tops, and scrub bottoms.

There is also a large range of other medical wear, including face masks, hats, lab coats and gowns, and footwear. The Chameleon Scrubs site is available for online purchases only.

You’re certain to find the perfect set of scrubs for your work in a hyperbaric chamber room.

I Don’t Work with a Hyperbaric Chamber But Still Need Scrubs

You don’t need to work in a hyperbaric chamber room to shop for 100% cotton scrubs on the Chameleon Scrubs website. We offer workwear for a wide range of hospital and clinical settings. You can brighten up your workplace by wearing fun and colourful scrubs that will cheer up your patients!

Patterned scrubs are also perfect if you work with children, or work with pet owners who may be stressed over their sick pets. A touch of colour in the workplace will cheer everyone up.

Hyperbaric clothing will make your job simpler, and prevent any health issues with you or your patient in the future. If you’re searching for  medical 100% cotton scrubs, please browse our online Chameleon Scrubs UK shop today to order these, and more!

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