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There is a great need for healthcare workers today, with many entering this interesting field. If you’re new to the field and looking for hospital scrub tops or nurse’s scrub tops, then now is the best time to stock up before your job keeps your life busy and fulfilling.

Why Should I Have Several Sets?

You’ll want to have several sets of nurse’s scrub tops in your closet or dresser drawers.

In the past, you could complete your shift without worries that you brought contagions home, but now you have to be extra-careful to leave the germs at the clinic or hospital. Whether you need ladies’ scrub tops or men’s scrub tops, you should have an extra pair or two ready to go.

Clean scrubs will protect both you and your patients. They should only be put on at your workplace and never worn to work. They’re worn by a wide range of healthcare workers, surgeons, doctors, nurses, and more.

Since nurses comprise a greater portion of healthcare workers, it’s also important that the medical scrubs they wear are simple, enabling them to be kept cleaner for longer, and that they’re also easy to toss in the washing machine at the end of the day.

Are There Different Brands of Scrubs?

Yes, there are, but you shouldn’t buy scrubs just based on a brand. The most important consideration is that the nursing scrubs tops and bottoms  fit you comfortably, and that the fabric and stitching is soft, not scratchy.

If you visit our website, we offer our Chameleon scrubs brand that’s not only comfortable to wear, the nursing scrubs have a good fit, and are durable and easy to care for. These nurses’ tops and bottoms also have unique patterns that are both bright and colourful. If you work with younger children or adults who may be stressed or anxious in a clinical setting, the Chameleon nurse’s tops are sure to put a smile on their faces.

How Can I Choose Fit Online?

Since you can’t shop in person to buy scrubs, you’ll have to view the photos of the nurse’s tops, read the description, and view the sizing chart. We also have a few more tips to help you choose your nurse’s uniform.

Modern fit scrubs are the most common option today. These follow the curves of your body better than the traditional boxy classic fit.

Scrubs are usually for both men and women, but there may be special ladies’ scrub tops designed more for women’s bodies. Scrubs are available in all regular sizes, petite sizes, and plus sizes.

Women who need maternity scrubs may also find these options to make them feel more comfortable around the abdominal region.

Modern nursing scrubs will have shorter sleeve lengths and have a slimmer fit along the sides that hang closer to the body.

These types of scrubs are actually safer to wear, as you won’t have to worry that a floppy top may accidentally brush against a dirty surface in the hospital or clinic.

Your top length should fall just above the hips so that it’s not annoying. Your scrub’s trousers should fall just above the hips, not being too high up the waist or too low that you’ll always have to be tugging on them.

A good fit will have the trousers a bit slimmer through hips and seat so they look better.

Not every listing for nursing scrubs tops is going to be available in every size, so do read the Chameleon Scrubs description first.

Should I Tuck in My Nurse’s Tops?

This is really up to you and your work’s dress code. A loose top might touch an unsterile surface. If your top is tucked in, this won’t happen, but you may have to touch it more often to keep it in place. If you’re working in the O.R. then yes, tuck it in. Today’s modern scrub suits and tops are designed to fit better, so that there is no need to tuck them in, nor will they flop around and be a hazard.

Another option is to tuck one side in and leave the other one out to be a bit more stylish.

Where Can I Buy Nurses Tops?

If you’re trying to limit any possible exposure to Covid in order to protect your patients, then most likely you don’t want to be wandering all around the local shops to find nursing scrubs.

The next best option is to shop online for all the nurse’s tops and trousers that you need. You can find nursing scrubs in a wide range of styles and patterns on the Chameleon Scrubs UK site.

You’ll also find trousers scrubs on the site too. These can be worn to mix or match with the nursing tops. This is also handy if you need to just change your top or your trousers when at work, so you won’t have to change your entire uniform.

Are Cheerful Scrubs Patterns Better?

In the past, nursing scrubs were bland and boring, usual in dark blue or green colours. Then someone thought it would be a great idea to offer patterned scrubs with fun colours, shapes, and illustrations.

Check with your clinic’s or hospital’s uniform code to see what it acceptable to wear in your work setting.

We have several animal-themed scrubs which are perfect to work at a veterinarian’s clinic, or Disney-themed scrubs for when you work at a children’s hospital and need to cheer up distressed young children.

Even adults will appreciate your fun patterned nurse’s scrubs. Often a nurse will be the first person that a patient’s sees, so you can set their mood by making them feel more comfortable with your fun nurse’s scrubs.

When you order from Chameleon Scrubs UK your order will arrive quickly. Soon you’ll be stocked up on nursing scrubs and ready to start your new career!

Please bookmark our site so you can return to add more nursing scrubs to your work wardrobe.

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Chameleon Scrubs would like to thank all NHS and Healthcare workers for their hard work, and dedication shown during this unprecedented time. We can’t start to understand the pressure you are all under. As a token of our thanks we are offering 10% discount on all items across our site.

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