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It was a lot harder a decade ago to find scrubs, but today it seems like there are workwear scrubs available at all the big department stores.

But most are designed for the average-sized person, and are made in plain colours. If that’s not enough, they’re usually boxy-looking rather than form-fitting.

If you need scrubs quickly, that may be your best option for now, but when you have time, you’ll want to find the best scrubs possible.

Why Shop for Working Scrubs Online?

If you need workwear scrubs then you need more than one set of top and trousers, especially now.

Many workers like to change their work scrubs at least once a day, depending on if they’re in contact with dozens of people or patients. Not everyone has time to wash clothes when they get home from work, so it’s important to have enough sets to last a week.

Shopping online is perfect because you can save time. You don’t need to run around town trying to find all the scrubs work clothes you need.

And one great aspect of online shopping is that they have almost limitless stock. In your local shop you may find two pairs of scrubs in your size in two colours, while when you shop online you can order 10 sets if you wish.

This also solves the problem of whether you should buy a colour you don’t really like. Shopping online makes the process much simpler, and you don’t even have to worry about finding a parking space.

Better Fit with Working Scrubs

Shopping online gives you access to many more types of scrubs than you’ll find in the stores. You’ll also get a better fit and better quality than your standard work scrubs you see there. You may be fine with basic scrubs for a bit, but the longer you work in the healthcare field, the more you may be yearning for better scrubs.

If you want scrubs that fit your upper torso better, and better fitting trousers around the waistline, then you need to shop for a better quality of scrubs. While you won’t find these in the local shops, you can definitely order them online.

No More Boring Scrubs

Our online store has dozens of scrubs with a variety of bright colourful patterns.

We’re one of the first companies to start this trend. When you wear bright and colourful scrubs then you can cheer up your younger patients who may be stressed out and not understand why they’re at the clinic or hospital.

Pet owners will also be cheered up when the vet or vet assistant enters the room wearing fun and colourful animal prints. And if you work with seniors, even they will smile when they see your bright and colourful prints.

Plain coloured scrubs are a thing of the past. Bright and colourful patterns will make you stand out as an exceptional healthcare worker, especially during this busy past year!

Where Can I Find Scrubs Workwear UK?

You can find all the scrubs workwear UK location that you’ll ever need here on our website at Chameleon Scrubs UK.

We’ve been around for a decade and half, and offer a safe and secure way for you to shop online so you don’t have to worry about your payment information or personal information.

Even better, your items will arrive quickly at your address so you don’t have to wait months to receive your order. Should you have any issues, we are happy to work them out.

How Do I Figure Out Sizing?

If you have bought new scrubs locally then make note of the sizing labels on them and write them down.

But don’t assume that the sizing will work when you shop online. Carefully view the scrubs online. You’ll see sizing available, such as Small, Medium, Large, 1X-Large.

There may also be other sizing available, such as Extra-Small, and 2X-Large. Your next step will be to view our Sizing Guide for unisex scrub tops and trousers.

Then grab a measuring tape and measure around your chest and waist. Measure and then compare them to standard sizes on our site to find a match.

Please note that if you order and receive scrubs that don’t work for you, that they are fully returnable so you can size up or down as required.

Why Is Your Company Called Chameleon?

Our company was launched because we felt there was a need for quality workwear scrubs for healthcare professionals that are hard to find in regular shops.

We were already running Aston Workwear but felt we needed to expand. The word “Chameleon” can mean many things but also is in reference to something that can adapt and change as required.

We feel that our company name means quality, style, and customer satisfaction.

I Have a Question?

If you have any questions before placing your order, we’d be happy to help. You can find full contact details here on our site. We have our full address listed, or email address.

There is also a phone number if you prefer to contact us by telephone. We also have an online Contact Us form if you wish to reach out to us that way.

Please note that we practice regular office hours, so please contact us between 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday. We are also closed during all weekends and bank holidays.

What Kinds of Payment Methods Can I Use Online?

If you’re heard of it, we probably have it. We accept all forms of online payment systems, such as WorldPay, PayPal, Amazon Payments, and Safer Payments. We also accept all of the credit cards, such as American Express, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa.

If you’re ready for fun and inspiring work wear scrubs then we have exactly what you’re seeking on our Chameleon Scrubs website. Please have a look around.

We’re sure you’re going to see so many wonderful work wear scrubs that you’ll be ordering several sets, and telling your work colleagues about us too!

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Chameleon Scrubs would like to thank all NHS and Healthcare workers for their hard work, and dedication shown during this unprecedented time. We can’t start to understand the pressure you are all under. As a token of our thanks we are offering 10% discount on all items across our site.

Please use discount code NHS10 when you checkout.

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