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When You Need Better Nurse’s Scrubs

Why Our Chameleon Nurses Scrub Suits Are The Best

As you’re settling into your nurse’s career happy and proud that you’ve made a difference in your patients’ lives, you might be thinking, “I need better scrubs!”

You may be tired of your plain blue or green scrubs and want something in a brighter colour, or want to buy scrubs suits that are more comfortable. Here at our site, we have everything from scrubs suits for nurses, to a hospital scrub suit, to theatre scrub suits, and everything for all types of medical settings. 

What About a Nurse’s Dress Code?

Before buying a new uniform or scrubs suits you should check your company’s business code on uniforms.

Most are happy to have you wear proper nurse’s scrubs, but some may have colour-coding per team. Once you’ve determined you can wear bright and colourful patterned scrubs, you can go shopping on our scrubs suits for nurses’ site.

Do I Have to Buy Scrub Tops & Trousers in Sets?

No, this is one of the best features of our website. You can shop for nurses scrub suit uniforms but choose your scrub tops and trousers separately.

Many nurses opt for a plain basic colour for their trousers, and then you can choose what kind of scrubs tops you’d like. You can mix and match each day.

Scrubs tops can also be purchased in plain colours, but the difference is that our scrubs suits are built to be more form-fitting and comfortable. If you’re ready to toss out your scratchy old nurse’s scrubs, then now is the time to shop on our site!

We also have a wide selection of patterned scrub tops to go with your scrub suit sets.

Do I Have to Shop in Person?

Our website with scrubs suits is only online so you don’t have to worry about driving all over time the city to find theatre scrub suits or your scrub tops or trousers.

You can shop online. If you’re uncertain about sizing, it should be the same sizing you’re already familiar with. There is a sizing chart on our website to help you with the fit.

Once you place your order, it will only take a few days to reach you, as our company is local to you. And should you have any problems with your order, please reach out to us so we can fix it for you, or please let us know if you need to return an item because it doesn’t fit properly.

Do You Have Scrubs for All Healthcare Workers?

Yes, whether you’re a doctor, a nurse, or other type of healthcare worker, and no matter if you work at a clinic, hospital, care home, or operating theatre, we have a scrub suit set for you! You’ll be able to find everything you need in one spot.

Even better, you’ll be able to find several different scrub sets, so you can be fully prepared for your work week. You’ll be able to find scrub tops with long sleeves or short sleeves too!

One of the most popular features of our website is the wide range of patterned scrub tops here. These come in a wide variety of patterns, and everything is for both men or women.

We don’t separate them, it’s up to you what you want to wear. These patterned tops can have animals or colourful fruit and plant prints on them, or they can be trademarked Disney film graphics. We also have holiday-themed scrubs for sale.

You may want to consider buying some themed scrub tubs for the holidays later this year, before they’re sold out.

Our scrubs can be worn in all types of healthcare settings, but we also have a strong focus on veterinary clinics or hospitals too.

What’s the Purpose of Fun Colourful Scrubs?

The main one is to keep your patients and medical setting clean and sanitary, as well as to protect your own health by changing out of them at the end of the day.

But there is also a secondary purpose to wearing womens scrubs too, and that is to make your stressed out and anxious patients calm down. It can be trickier if you’re working with young children, neurodiverse people, or with pets.

Having your patients see the fun patterns on your nursing scrubs will cheer them up a little bit. It will give them something to focus on while you’re providing them with medication or medical treatment.

Wearing fun scrubs will also help to lift your spirits. It can be hard to remain cheerful when you have to work long hours that day, or you feel tired, hungry, or your muscles are sore.

But looking down at your fun scrub top will be one way to lift your spirits to make you feel a little bit better that day.

Where Can I Find Scrubs Suits?

If you’re ready to start shopping for a new set of scrubs suits, please visit our Chameleon Scrubs website now. You’ll find a wide selection of nurses’ scrubs, and all types of uniforms for the healthcare setting you work in.

Our site ships quickly, and your order will arrive quickly, as our business is local. There is no need to wait months and months for an order to arrive from overseas now, nor a need to drive all over town to find what you want locally.

Is There an NHS Discount Code?

Yes, we appreciate all the hard work that people working in the NHS have been doing this past year. There is a discount code that can be found on our Chameleon Scrubs website just for you. We hope you can find everything you need to make your job a little bit better.

If you’re tired of your old nurse’s scrubs, now is the time to shop for brand new ones that are not only comfortable, they’ll look good on you, and they’ll also make everyone happy and cheerful with their colourful patterns.

Please browse our Chameleon Scrubs website now to see something different!

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Chameleon Scrubs would like to thank all NHS and Healthcare workers for their hard work, and dedication shown during this unprecedented time. We can’t start to understand the pressure you are all under. As a token of our thanks we are offering 10% discount on all items across our site.

Please use discount code NHS10 when you checkout.

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