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Why You Need More Medical Scrubs

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Whether you’re just starting in the medical industry, or you need more nursing scrubs uniforms, you know that one or two sets just isn’t enough.

Sometimes accidents happen at the hospital and you need to change into a new set. Sometimes you want to freshen up before you continue on with your day.

If you’re searching for scrubs for doctors, or cheap medical scrubs, then you may be wondering where to buy them.

Mix and Match Your Scrubs

Many health professionals wear plain scrubs trousers but choose to wear a fun scrubs top to match.

The benefit to this is that you can mix and match your scrubs tops and bottoms, creating even more scrubs uniforms for your wardrobe. You can choose a colour within the pattern of your scrubs top to be the main colour of your scrubs bottom if you’re puzzled on how to colour-coordinate.

You’ll never be bored of plain scrubs uniforms again when you can wear a bright and colourful top, and even mix and match scrubs tops and trousers each day of the week!

How Many Scrubs Should I Have?

You must consider how many hours a week you will be working, and whether that encompasses over-time.

Your job location may also be a factor. For instance, your hospital employer may require you to wear a fresh set of scrubs every set number of hours. You may also feel comfortable changing into a fresh set if you’re stuck on a long 12-hour shift. In other words, you don’t want to just have three sets of scrubs.

Choose to have one for each day of the week, plus another 3-4 sets ready to go.

Some workers even tuck a spare set of scrubs into their bag, even though most healthcare settings have spare sets of scrubs ready to go for workers who forgot to bring them.

Do You Have Uniforms for Everyone?

Our site does have scrubs for doctors but you can also find NHS scrubs for nurses, veterinarians, dentists, technicians, and assistants too.

You may want to check with your company’s scrubs uniform policy, but once you know, you can head out to shop for scrubs uniforms.

Scrubs or Not in an Office?

In the past, it was quite common to wear a proper work uniform in any office, whether you were working for a company or in a doctor’s clinic or vet clinic. Scrubs were only customary to be worn in the hospital operating theatre.

About fifteen years ago, scrub uniforms became commonly worn by all staff in a clinical setting, it just wasn’t doctors who would wear them. And it wasn’t your traditional green either.

In the past few years bright and colourful scrubs have become normal to wear at work, rather than plain dark red or blue or green scrubs. There are plenty of options now, so you don’t have to worry you’ll look like everyone else!

Where Can I Buy Cheap Medical Scrubs?

If the stores near you sell scrubs then you may find them a bit pricey. That’s because they have to pay to lease the space.

Your next best option is to purchase them from an online store that specializes in scrub uniforms. You also want to know that the online shop is located within the UK so that you’ll quickly receive your order. If you’re searching for cheap scrubs UK, please browse our website here at the Chameleon Scrubs site. You’ll find plenty of colour options and sizes for every fit.

I Want Comfortable Scrubs That Are Easy to Clean

Scrubs have come a long way since the basic stiff green ones you could buy a couple decades back.

Now scrubs are made from soft and comfortable fabric, but still thick enough that they cover everything they need to cover. They are also simple to wash. You can toss them into the washing machine after your shift, then into the dryer to dry them later.

Can I Buy Both Scrub Tops & Trousers Separately?

The scrubs we sell on our site can be purchased separately, as tops and trousers.

You can easily mix and match the sets on a daily basis. Besides scrubs, we also sell a wide variety of healthcare items, including healthcare tunics, lab coats, and gowns.

If you need footwear or hats to do your job, we also have these in coordinating colours and prints. For the past year and a half face masks and other hygienic products have become increasingly important in lab and healthcare settings. You’ll be able to buy in bulk from our site.

How Do I Choose My Scrubs?

If you’re searching for scrubs for doctors on our site then the first thing you’ll notice is that there are plenty of scrubs patterns to choose from. It can be hard to narrow down the options.

First, consider your working environment. Do you work with children? The nursery animas scrubs will be perfect to cheer them up when they’re scared and worried in a clinical environment.

If you work with pets, buying patterned scrubs with animals on it will make your job even more enjoyable.

There are also seasonal scrubs, such as our Halloween range which is out now, or our Christmas range.

Now you won’t get tired of wearing the same old scrubs for the entire year when you have seasonal ones to wear for the holiday months ahead. Seasonal scrubs are fun too, as you can buy everything you need for the autumn and winter seasons ahead.

Once the holiday seasons are done, you can tuck them away into your cupboard, then next year, bring them back out again. It will make you look forward to the seasons ahead!

If you’re ready to buy some new scrubs for doctors or nurses, please checkout our large selection right now. You’ll find plenty of patterns and  colour options that will make you feel happy and comfortable in your healthcare career.

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Chameleon Scrubs would like to thank all NHS and Healthcare workers for their hard work, and dedication shown during this unprecedented time. We can’t start to understand the pressure you are all under. As a token of our thanks we are offering 10% discount on all items across our site.

Please use discount code NHS10 when you checkout.

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