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Vet Colourful Scrubs Are Cool!

Hospital workers and dental staff are not the only ones choosing to wear scrubs these days.

Scrub tops for vets and vet nurses are also popular, especially as they, like their hospital counterparts, have to deal with all sorts of eventualities.

Animals can be frightened, sick, angry and unpredictable. Having a selection of colourful scrubs on hand means the staff can easily change into a clean set if needed.

Veterinary scrubs are preferred for the same reason as all scrubs: they're colourful, cool, hard wearing and easy care.

Our scrubs feature unique designs and they're also 100% cotton. We have a range of plain coloured scrub trousers to match any top, and scrub caps which are available in many of the same patterns as the tops.

A vet's scrubs uniform can be completed by a pair of clogs; the same footwear is used in hospital operating theatres everywhere.

Scrubs are more relaxed than tunics and trousers. They help put owners and their animals at ease. Our unique designs allow the vets and their nurses to show their character.

We have a choice of 50 designs in our scrub tops, from bright abstract patterns to pastel shades. They're designed to withstand repeated wearing and washing without fading and are cheap to replace.

Comic book heroes such as Winnie-the-Pooh and Mickey Mouse are popular, whilst paws, dogs, cats, birds and farmyard animals also feature.

Inevitably, working with animals can get messy at times. The old saying ‘never work with children or animals’ refers to the fact that both can be difficult to predict.

An animal which might be the sweetest and calmest at home with their owner can easily panic when loaded into a carrier and taken to the vet. Even the presence of their owner is not enough to calm them.

Some animals are travel sick and may need cleaning before the vet can attend to them. Scrub tops for vet nurses mean that this can be easily accomplished and the vet nurse can then put on a clean top to accompany the animal into the surgery if needed.

Because veterinary scrubs are easy care and tough, they’re also ideal wear for those staff tasked with looking after the animals who are kept in overnight.

Cages, runs and litter boxes are never clean for long, and the same infection control rules apply in vets’ surgeries as in hospitals and dental practices.

A stack of clean scrubs is a useful investment, as they are cheap to replace if damaged or stained beyond repair. Our exclusive designs ensure that staff will never be bored with their vet scrubs.

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